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About Us

We started out in New York City almost two decades ago as a family business with a vision and a dream of reinventing and redefining the real estate market, one property at a time. In 1999, we began making our mark managing commercial and residential properties in the fastest growing cities in the world, with large holdings in the Metropolitan New York area. Our mission was and still is to develop the areas that allow for growth, hope and prosperity – from the largest metropolitan regions in the country to the lesser populated areas of the nation: the suburbs of smaller cities with a more working-class demographic. There were many areas that needed attention and some TLC to make them prosperous again and we saw ample opportunities that existed outside of the NYC area and decided to diversify our portfolio.

In 2002, we expanded our portfolio to Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, acquiring strip centers and commercial malls in rapid-fire succession. We turned our attention to areas that experienced some blighted conditions, and our team of engineers and developers worked feverishly to rehabilitate and revitalize residential housing and commercial properties. This effort ignited the local economy and gave residents and business owners more opportunity, along with the promise and new hope for a better life for their families.

rbkaboutusIn 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we gathered our team and assembled a dedicated group of volunteers and headed to New Orleans, where the damage was widespread. The devastation to the area was horrifically tragic, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents from their homes and businesses. In conjunction with local government officials and police and fire departments, we were instrumental in rebuilding many residences and local businesses, helping scores of people to get back on their feet after this tragedy. During a twelve month period, we achieved amazing success by repairing and rebuilding almost 100 residential and commercial units.

Our company mission is to continue to provide our tenants with top-notch service. We strive to offer our tenants the latest technology with an emphasis on “green” solutions that are highly cost-effective, while ensuring the safety of our tenants and their customers. We are currently installing LED lighting at all of our properties in the parking lots, concourses and even offer interior-based lighting solutions that even promote product sales growth. This project alone had shown immediate results, cutting energy consumption and cost by 40 to 50 percent. We have even received feedback from many tenants that their storefronts have experienced increased foot-traffic from the improved illumination that these LED light systems provide.

We have always worked very hard and will continue to be diligent and vigilant in our efforts to ensure that our tenants and their customers are safe. Our goal is to promote awareness and provide the best security measures available. We accomplish this by working closely with local law enforcement and volunteer organizations. This effort, coupled with comprehensive employee screening has been a successful deterrent in helping to prevent unnecessary violence in public spaces.